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Your questions answered

1. What is Flashy?
Flashy is a photo-tech startup that provides on-demand commercial photography services and photoshoot solutions at scale for businesses & enterprises.  

At its core, Flashy is built on 3 pillars:

Tools for Customers. We develop market-ready content, edited in-house with our AI powered editing software and delivered 24 hours after the shoot. Effortless Content Production. 

Online Marketplace. We present a streamlined platform that allows our clients to book online the photoshoots they need, at scale and across locations.

Tools for Photographers. We offer our community of vetted and professional photographers tools to save time, grow their business and hone their craft.
2. What services do we provide?
We provide professional photoshoot services to a wide range of  business verticals with edited content delivered in 24hrs. Whether you are a real estate company, restaurant, online seller, events agency, or even a small business needing professional content, let us get your content up and running! 
3. How do I get started?
Simple, all you need is to log on our Website and you will then be able to book your photoshoot by picking the shoot type by industry, selecting the right package for you and the preferred time & location. 

Custom shoot? No problem. Please go to our custom shoot page, choose your industry, fill in the brief details, and we will reach out to you within 24hrs!  

Once your requirements are all set, will match you to the best suited photographer for your service.If you require recurring services, one of our account managers will be there for you. 
4. Can I choose my Photographer?
We will match you to the best available premium photographer based on your industry-specific shoot requirements. Our photographers will work with standardized guidelines based on your industry requirements; from real estate to food & beverage or online products, we will guarantee and showcase the content you can expect. 
5. I booked my Photographer for my Company's photoshoot - now what?
We will contact you same-day to share the photographer's details with you. We will support you from book to shoot to delivery. 

6. What type of Photographers are on Flashy?
We only work with highly-trained professional photographers, screened and tested by our selective recruiting process… built by a professional photographer! 
7. What if I have special requirements for my shoot?
Do you need to shoot in a Studio, or Drone Shoot, or VR360? Contact us and we’ll be there to help you. 
8. How do I get permission to shoot at specific locations?
We are working with major developers in the city to provide seamless permission management for your shoots. By using our service, we will provide you with the full support to get that permission seamlessly. Let us let you focus on your content.
9. Can I extend my shoot if we run out of time?
This rarely happens based on our experience. In case it happens - yes you can, discuss with your photographer during the shoot to make sure she or he does not have any upcoming shoots. Or contact us. 
10. How do I pay?
Online Credit / Debit Cards are our standard payment methods. If you request a shoot with special requirements, we will send you a separate payment link.
11. My Photographer is late or never arrived - what do I do?
We maintain a very high standard when it comes to vetting our photographers. If this should happen, based on the reason, we will not hesitate to reschedule a new shoot and a discount on the next shoot for you. On us. 

12. Can I cancel or reschedule my shoot?
Of course you can. If your shoot details or dates have changed after booking, you can simply cancel your shoot and re-book another one based on your new preferences. Free cancellation up to 48hrs ahead of your shoot. 

13. How do I get my photos?
We will send you an email with a safe download link. All your images will be hosted in the Cloud at no cost. We will provide you with the edited pictures, and RAW too, if you require.
14. I don't like my photos - what do I do?
You will be able to express that with us by rating our photographer’s service. If something goes wrong, we will support you by providing a discount on next shoot or free re-shoot, based on your dissatisfaction. 

15. Do I own copyright on my photos?
Yes you do. Nobody else but you will have the copyright to your photos.

16. How much does Flashy cost?
We have different pricing ranges based on the service and special requirements you need. They are all reflected on our Website when you select your shoot details and requirements.
For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us! contact@flashy.ae
17. I have more questions! What do I do?
Please reach out to us! contact@flashy.ae

Anything else?

Our team is available for you 24/7.
If you have questions, or need support, please don't hesitate to reach out!