A Photographer? 
Your questions answered

1. What is Flashy?
Flashy is a photo-tech startup that provides on-demand photography services and photoshoot solutions at scale for businesses & individuals. We standardize and streamline on-demand photography services to customers by offering a seamless 1-click book & shoot solution, with graded and edited pictures delivered within 24hrs.

At its core, Flashy is built on 3 fundamental pillars:

Tools for Photographers. We offer our community of vetted and professional photographers tools to save time, grow their business and hone their craft.
Online Marketplace. We present a streamlined platform that allows our clients to book online the photoshoots they need, at scale and across locations.
Tools for Customers. We develop market-ready content, edited in-house with our AI powered editing software and delivered 24 hours after the shoot. Effortless Content Production.

Within the Flashy digital ecosystem, we create work opportunities for photographers, accessible and manageable through a streamlined platform, which removes invoicing duties and post-production from their plate. Our network of photographers works on photoshoots for international brands and companies who partner with Flashy to acquire visual content.
2. What kind of Photography does Flashy do?
Our primary focus is commercial photography for business but also photography for individuals who wish a photoshoot, the choice is yours. Our photoshoots are mainly in the fields of social media, food delivery, hospitality and real estate, e-commerce merchandise, fashion and home design. Big players in the field thus big opportunities for you!
3. How can I work with you?
All you have to do is apply as a photographer on our website. You will have to answer some simple questions and give us some more details about your work. Once you submit your application, we will review it and contact you for a quick interview. After that, you will be all set and ready to roll with us!
4. How does the platform work?
You will be able to manage all assignments through the platform. Once you insert your details and availability on the platform, you will be automatically assigned photoshoots when the place/date/time coincide with your data. All you’ll have to do is make sure you keep your availability up to date, and turn up at the given address on the right date/time. In addition, all updates and changes will be communicated through notifications on the platform directly to you.
5. What is working with Flashy like?
Flashy will drive the assignments to you via its photographer interface,  the number of photoshoots you can count on will greatly depend on your availability and our clients’ demands. Flashy takes care of everything except the actual snapping of pictures. In other words, you do the fun part and leave the rest to us!
6. How many assignments can I expect per month?
The number of assignments depends on a number of factors: location, clients’ needs, and projects available. While the number of photoshoots can vary, we cannot guarantee a minimum per month.
7. Is there a subscription fee to pay when I join your network?
The collaboration is completely free of charge. No fees whatsoever!
8. What does an assignment look like?
For every assignment, you will receive a notification describing the type of photoshoot and the details (client name, address, guidelines…) 
Individual customers will select you based on your experience, on-line portfolio and availability, so make sure you keep your calendar updated! 
Businesses customers will select preset shoot packages, and we intermediate between the business and the photographers to assign based on availability and requirements fit.  Once we chose you, all you’ll have to do is show up at the location on the right date/time and snap the pictures according to our previously shared guidelines. 
Right after the photoshoot, you’ll upload the visuals onto the platform and let us take care of post-production.

9. Do I need to be an accredited/ professional photographer to work with Flashy?
Yes, we only work with professional photographers with prior experience in the field. 
10. Are you expecting an exclusive collaboration, or am I still able to work for other clients?
Assignments with Flashy are periodic and the contract is not exclusive, so you may definitely work for other clients or projects when you aren’t committed to a Flashy assignment.
11. Do I get a credit for the photos published?
The photo’s copyrights belong to Flashy, so you cannot get credit for the photos published since any assignment you take on aims at providing content for individual or commercial purposes. 

12. Can I share the pictures on my social media? Are there any regulations?
No, you may not share the official pictures on your social pictures/owned properties without Flashy’s permission, unless they are part of a password-protected digital portfolio, or if it’s a link to the client’s website. In any case, we’d be happy to discuss your options should you need to share your work. Also, feel free to share the behind-the-scenes snaps on your Instagram page, as long as the client isn’t tagged or recognizable (brand logo, iconic landmarks etc) and we’ll be happy to repost them on our own page – we love to see photographers in their element!
13. How much do you pay?
Payment depends on the type of photoshoot and client. Since we take care of absolutely everything except the actual photoshoot (finding clients, photoshoot logistics, marketing, post-production…) you’ll have more chances of accumulating photoshoots, hence the lucrative aspect of working with Flashy.

14. How and when will I get paid?
Payment methods will be through a monthly payment accumulating all your photoshoot compensations, with money transferred to a bank account. When you work at Flashy, you get paid once a month, with an amount that encompasses all the work you’ve done the previous month.

15. Does the compensation vary from photoshoot to photoshoot or is it always the same rate?
Compensation varies depending on the type of client (individual or business), as well as the number of pictures required, so the hourly rate will vary from project to project.

16. Are travel expenses reimbursed?
As an independent contractor, you are usually expected to cover travel costs but we make an exception when assignments take you to travel further than a 25 km radius, with a lump sum reimbursement for the entire journey.

17. Are compensation rates negotiable?
Compensation rates are set, and so photographers who work with us can accept these conditions or pass. However, we do make it a point to treat photographers fairly and respectfully.

18. What equipment to I need to work with Flashy? Can I still work for you if I don't have the right equipment?
Photographers need to be fully equipped to work with us. Our assignments usually require a professional DSLR or a mirrorless camera with a lens. Of course, the more equipment the better, and we will ensure to reflect that by giving you more assignments. Should you not have the exact equipment requested for a particular photoshoot, it is up to you to reject the assignment. Don’t worry about having to reject something, other opportunities will come along and make up for it!

19. Do you pay per picture or per assignment?
Each assignment you will be willing to take will include a determined number of image deliverables depending on what shoot package our customer chose. For example, if one customer will choose a real estate package of 30 edited pictures, this will reflect the overall price of the shoot package paid by the customer.

20.  Do I need to be based in a specific country/city or do you cover a global market?
You can be based anywhere! We cover clients on a global scale, just make sure you update your location on our platform each time you travel so we will make sure the right shoots get assigned to you!

21. I have more questions. What do I do?
Please reach out to us! We always want to hear your opinion - this service is made for photographers, and developed by photographers. contact@flashy.ae or register via our website and we will contact you!

Anything else?

Our team is available for you 24/7.
If you have questions, or need support, please don't hesitate to reach out!